Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Produce Ideas for Films, TV Serials, Novels

After bearing huge financial loss our Entertainment industry people are spending their valuable time today for finding gr8 ideas for their Films, TV Serials & Reality Shows, Etc.

The competition is very high today and there is Nothing New and unique coming in the industry. Everybody ( most of) is searching for something different, But not able to find anything. So they are copying, Editing, Modifying the old ideas from same industry or trying any different country's different language Ideas. But nobody (most of ) is taking genuine efforts to Produce their own ideas.

I don't understand , why they don't bother their own brain ? Why copying other's ideas ? Apne dimagh ko thodi taklif to..... and see the results.

Let's have look that, How you can produce great ideas for your films by your own ?

Here is one technique :
1.   Take some full size colored Card Sheets or Drawing Papers. Suppose, you have taken some card sheets of following Colors : Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Red, Etc.

2.   Now cut them into pieces, Size of each piece should be same like any Playing Card.

3.   Make minimum 25 pieces of each color. Means, you have 25 Yellow pieces, 25 Blue, & so on.

4.   Now you should have minimum 100 or something less/more Colored Cards made from that card sheets.

5.   Now what you have to do is, Pick one color, say Yellow, and now write down all the Genres of the Short Films/TV Series, etc on each Yellow Card.
For ex. Take one Yellow Card and write, COMEDY on it, then take another card and write SUSPENSE on it, take another card and write FAMILY DRAMA on it, just like this, make as many Yellow Cards you can make for each Genre.
Some most popular genres are Comedy, Suspense, Thriller, Animation, Sciences, History, Family Drama, Tragedy, Action, Horror, Etc.

6.   Now take another set of cards of different color, Suppose, Blue Cards, and now make a list of the ALL professions in the world which you remember. Try to list out each & every small profession. So your Blue Cards list will be like, Doctor, Lawyer, Actor, Astrologer, Scientist, Engineer, Architect, Etc.

7.   Now take another set of cards of different color, Suppose, Green Cards, and now make a list of some Locations in the world which you remember. Try to list out each & every small location. So your Green Cards list will be somehow like, Farm, House, Bar, Club, Hotel, Multiplex, Theater, Railway Station, Airport, Etc.

8.   Now take another set of cards of different color, Suppose, White Cards and now make a list of All types of common WORDS which comes/blows into your mind always, Write down each & every word. So your this White Cards list will be like this, People, Play, Ground, Games, Football, Cricket, Thief, Food, Celebration, Funeral, Trees, Animals, Pets, Etc.

9.   Now Actual part begins, about the how to produce Actual idea?
What you have to do is, keep these Colored Card Sets in front of you. And now Shuffle the Cards of each Set and choose one card from each set. (Like the same way, how you choose one card for Tarot Card Reading.)

10.  Let me explain with an example, suppose, you have 4 colored sets in front of you, White, Green, Blue & Yellow. So now you shuffle Yellow Cards and chosen one card from the set, say you choose, COMEDY. , then like the same way, you shuffled Blue Cards and chosen LAWYER. Then you shuffled Green Cards and chosen AIRPORT, and then finally you shuffled White Cards and chosen FOOTBALL.

11.  So now you have 4 cards in your hand, COMEDY-AIRPORT-LAWYER-FOOTBALL. Now it's time to bother your creative mind. Just think about the Scene with these 4 Keywords. For ex. Any LAWYER doing Stupid FOOTBALL actions on the AIRPORT which are looking very funny and so it creates COMEDY over there. Got the idea?
Some more Examples will be:-

12.  Now if you can produce any idea on this subject, it's great, if you don't like this subject and Or nothing creative is coming in your mind with these key-words. LEAVE THEM. And Grab your Cards and Shuffle them again, choose some new cards, and create some new Situations/ Scenes. You can produce Tons of ideas using this Unique Idea Producing Technique.

13.  You can produce so many ideas using this Unique Idea Producing Technique. And you can make Money by selling your ideas to the Film Producers, TV Series Producers, Writers, Filmmakers, Etc people who are in need of such unique ideas. You can find such needy people on the Internet Search Engines, Forums, Social Networking Websites, or their Production House's Websites, Etc.

14.  Hope you have understood the Concept of producing new ideas. And now onwards you will USE the Technique to produce the unique ideas for your new projects. Best of Luck!

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